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Agile Development


What do you say?

When clients need a branding, a website or a social media strategy, it requires a clear design process. And a client who understands the basics of this process will appreciate what happens at each step. Proven words for a robust application: “behind a nice looking frontend there’s a strong working backend.” So both have to be in sync with each other. Here’s our development procedure.

  • Brief of what client needs in term of product
  • Research plays a major part to gather relevant material
  • Brainstorming to find a great way for implementation
  • Production of approved idea
  • Delivery time to go live

Solution benefits


Agile development approach benefits

Mostly we follow the agile development process because it setup the predefined rules for large projects where we can break the project into smaller set of functional parts to deploy the product faster:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Planning, design & sprint
  • Development implementation
  • Testing: Unit testing, Integration testing, Acceptance testing
  • Deployment of your product

Our Agile and Devop process are focused on principle to less wastage of
time resource and money.

The most importantly the programmer who implement the whole process and the IT professional who drive the most important aspects of the process also need a way of being on the same page throughout the development lifecycle. Here we apply the agile methodology DevOps (development & operation) to make sure we don’t mismanage the process.

Big plus of our Agile Model

  • Robust and must adapt approach to software development.
  • Rapid fire development process to demonstrate functionalities faster.
  • Easy to manage development methodology which keeps number of resource required minimum.
  • Must have process for changing requirements environment.
  • Delivers early partial working solutions.
  • Enables concurrent development and delivery within an overall planned context.
  • Providing flexibility to developers with little planning required.

Benifits of our Devops Process

Technical benefits

  • Spontaneous modules delivery because of less hurdles
  • Self-managed team approach to reduce complexity to manage
  • Quick resolution procedure

Cultural benefits

  • Collaborative approach for team members belonging to different expertise of development lifecycle
  • Happy time that removes the word the “barriers” between different teams involved e.g. development teams, operations teams and testing teams.
  • Greater professional development opportunities

Your benefits

  • Increased reliability of service delivery
  • Provide velocity for the development process that is considered new currency in IT
  • More stable operating environments which helps delivering robust outcomes
  • Well managed process that enables you to track multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Sufficient time for innovation less for than fixes/maintenance mean faster production

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